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Registered office: via Nomentana, 445 - 00162 Roma c\o UniOne Consulting. Fiscal Code: 975020505802

ASSOMONITOR is the Italian Society of Clinical Monitors that collects and represents both freelancer and employed CRA’s (Clinical Research Associate), working in pharmaceutical companies and CROs (Contract Research Organizations).

Assomonitor guarantees the highest and common professional  standard of CRA’s, with respect to the general requirements of quality of each subject involved, with various qualifications, in the field of Clinical Research and every kind of effort will be invest to achieve legislative and fiscal classification of Italian Clinical Monitors.

The Association promotes free of payment trainings on this website, in compliance with Ministerial Decree of 15 November 2011, “Definition of the minimum requirements which Contract Research Organisations (CRO) shall satisfy in order to work within clinical trials on medicinal products”, and other services, free of payment too, only reserved for the associates of Assomonitor.

Assomonitor guarantees the validity of training certificates provided by the Association to its own affiliates, enabling CRO and Pharmaceutical Companies to verify their actual achievement for the purposes of DM 15 Nov 2011.



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Course on Clinical Trial and Good Clinical Practice - Program 27/11/2021 The Course will be held online from 17 to 21 January 2022.

Course on Clinical Trial and Good Clinical Practice - Registration Form 27/11/2021 To participate, fill in the Registration Form


  • possesso del diploma di laurea in discipline sanitarie/
    scientifiche attinenti alle tematiche da svolgere;

  • almeno 40 ore di formazione teorica nei settori della GCP, della normativa, della metodologia sperimentale, della farmacovigilanza, della GMP, dei sistemi di qualità, dei compiti del Clinical Monitor

  •  almeno 20 giorni di attività di monitoraggio in affiancamento a monitor esperti, di cui 10 svolti presso Centri sperimentali (entro 12 mesi prima dell’inizio dell’attività);

  • Oppure Master Universitario (entro 36 mesi prima dell’inizio dell’attività) oppure 4 mesi di attività nel Settore della sperimentazione clinica (entro 12 mesi prima dell’inizio dell’attività) oppure 40 giorni totali, di cui 20 svolti presso Centri sperimentali (entro 12 mesi prima dell’inizio dell’attività).




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